The Mothers of Mount Welcome Missionary Baptist Church are mature and seasoned women of God.  We are spirit-filled, sound minded, full of wisdom, respected and appreciated in our homes, churches and communities.  As mothers, we are spiritual advisers to our Pastor.  We pray for him and the church on a daily basis.

Duties of Mothers:
  1. Demonstrate comradery amongst the Mother’s Ministry through collaboration.  Presenting ourselves as one unified body.  Ecclesiastes 4:9
  2. Visit the sick and adhere to their needs.  James 5:14
  3. Assist with comforting bereaved families. Matthew 5:4
  4. Facility bible study and fulfill Christ’s calls through evangelism.  Mark 16:15
  5. Manage and prepare the communion. John 6:33
  6. Contribute and promote the churches’ budget through tithes, gifts and offering.  Leviticus 27:30
  7. Serve as role models in the church and community.  Mentor and counsel women, especially teenagers and young married women.  Titus 2:3-4
  8. Involved in the outreach to absentee members who have lost contact with the church.  2 Corinthians 5:20
  9. Support the pastor’s initiatives by serving on committees and task forces that support his vision for the church and the community it serves. Hebrews 13:17


Mother Sallie Evans, President
Mother Mary Elam Godbolt, Vice President
Mother Hazel Weaver, Secretary
Mother Rosa Thompkins, Assistant Secretary
Mother Ethel Patton, Treasurer


Mother Fannie Love
Mother Susie Bonner
Mother Susie Westbury
Mother Johnnie Darrisaw
Mother Annette Wilkerson
Mother Betty Willis
Mother Belinda Swain
Mother Nancy Releford