A Senior Moment

A Senior Moment
Pastor Aaron Robinson

August 21st is a day set aside to recognize and celebrate Senior Citizens, a demographic that is often neglected and forgotten in western capitalistic culture.  In western culture people are valued by their productivity toward the GDP or something that contributes to it.  Our Senior are often forgotten once they retire.  In a capitalistic society one is judged by what they produce or add to a particular organization and when it seems like you're not adding to, you become disposable.  This is the dilemma that many of our seniors/elders face. They feel stuck in the senior moment.

The 21st of August is set aside as a senior moment. A different kind of senior moment where we celebrate our senior citizens just because. We should seek to have senior moments every day!

I know someone is saying I'm using this phrase incorrectly.  My grandmother, as she started to age would sometimes say: “I'm having a senior moment” when she forgot what she was about to say or do. Today I want to flip this phrase and change the meaning to something positive. When I speak of a senior moment, I'm speaking of our seniors/elders being celebrated and used to better our community.  I believe the Bible is full of senior moments, moments when the elders were consulted on matters that impacted the community.

In biblical culture the elders were an integral part of the community. Our African ancestors in the Bible believed with age came experience and wisdom. Most understood experience is the best teacher and when you've lived through something you can better speak about it. Moses consulted the elders before he went to pharaoh. Most of the kings of Israel spoke with the elders before making major decisions. Did the elders is always get it right? No. In the case of Jesus’ crucifixion, the elders were consulted, and they got it wrong, still their words carried weight.   The elders were revered and held in high esteem because of their service to the community and devotion to God.  This is why the community looked up to them.

In numerous instances in the Bible God used seniors to bring about change. Abraham was up in age when he became the father of the nation of Israel. Moses was in his 80s when he went and told pharaoh to let his people go. This reminds us that God can use us regardless of age. For God, age ain't nothing but a number. This also reminds us that there is no retirement from Kingdom business. God is always looking for an opportunity to use us and make room for our gifts. Mount Welcome is full of people 70 plus still making a difference and putting in the work. They refuse to let a number stop them. Each of them are true elders who, in the words of the apostle Paul, are leading by example.

I want to take this senior moment to thank all of you who have been in service of the Kingdom of God at Mount Welcome for many years. I want to thank those who even pushed through the aches and pains of getting older to make this church all that it is.  Like our ancestors, I believe you are to be revered. As we pause to recognize Senior Citizens, I want to remind you that you still have value and purpose. I want you to know that God is still using you to impact lives and make a difference.

I wanted to take this moment to recognize all my Senior Saints, THANK YOU for all you have done, you are doing and all you will accomplish in the years to come.

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