The Humble Will Be Exalted

The Humble Will Be Exalted  ||  Luke 18:9-14  ||  Pastor Aaron Robinson

The prayer focus for this week is humility, learning to be humble so we might be thankful for what God has done and is doing. Have you ever met someone who was full of themselves? You know the person that feels like they cannot make a mistake and look down their nose had everyone else? The individual who says that their children are perfect, their spouse is without flaw, and they constantly remind you of all of the good they do? We all have met someone like this or know someone who fits this description. When they walk into a room they reek with arrogance and when they walk out, their bougie attitude lingers. The devotional for today deals with such attitudes.

Jesus shares a parable about two very different people. One is a priest who follows the law passed down by Moses and the other is a tax collector who lives outside of the law. One of them does what is perceived to be right and the other does what is wrong intentionally. One of them participates in the rituals of his faith and the other is engaged in ripping off the people. When I was growing up and I watched Sesame Street, whenever they showed 2 opposite things they would ask a simple question, which one of these is right?  Of the two, which should be exalted?

The answer seems simple, the one who is doing right should be exalted, but Jesus flips the script and reminds the hearer/reader that the humble will be exalted. I had to ask myself why does Jesus say such? I believe that Jesus says this because humility allows for grace, growth and God.
When we are humble, we are recognizing the grace afforded to us. Humility is a byproduct of grace.  Grace is something that we did not earn but what was granted to us.  The Pharisee in the text was not acknowledging the grace that had been given to him but was failing to show grace to the tax collector.  His focus was judgement of the man, not grace toward him.  When we show grace, we are reflecting our humility.

Humility is a constant reminder of our shortcomings and our need to grow. The Pharisee felt like he was all God desired him to be, not realizing that we all fall short of God's glory. The tax collector reflected on the fact that he was nowhere near what God wanted him to be and he requested forgiveness for his failures. Humility is the fertilizer of personal and spiritual growth.
Finally, humility is the acknowledgement of our need for God. Arrogance corrodes the ties we have with God. Humility connects us to God because it reminds us of our need for God.
Jesus reminds us that the humble will be exalted because the humble recognize that they are like vessels in hands of God.  God is constantly shaping and molding us, so that we might then pour into the Kingdom of God. As we allow God to mold us, God is exalting us for a divine purpose.

Prayer: Most gracious and merciful God we just want to thank you for the grace that you have shown us. God, we thank you we are not judged by you but are given brand new opportunities to correct the mistakes of yesterday and right the wrongs of tomorrow. Amen and Ase!
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