Grateful One

Grateful One |  Luke 17:15-18 |  Pastor Aaron Robinson

This text is a very familiar story to most who have spent some time in Sunday School or Bible Study. Ten lepers called out to be healed but only one showed gratitude when their request was granted. Imagine if you would, you helped 10 of your friends and only one thanked you.  I know someone is saying, if I provide assistance, I'm not doing it for the thank you.

Yet if we are really real, the thank you matters because it is an appropriate response when someone does something they don't have to do.  This act of appreciation touches Jesus and caused him to ask questions.  Jesus asked three questions: “How many were made whole? Why aren't they here? And why is it the only one who returned is a foreigner?”

Jesus asks these questions, not because he needed a thank you, but because he knew the religious upbringing of the nine should have provoked an act of gratitude.  I'm sure the lepers had traveled near and far seeking healing but were unable to obtain what they searched for. Yet with a simple request to a man passing by they were healed, and it cost them nothing, not even a thank you.

The question is are you a grateful one?  Are you like the one that returns to give thanks or maybe you are one of the ones that went away without showing gratitude for the blessings received.
Are you with the 90% who take or 10% who give?

  • When we show our gratitude, it is an act of giving.
  • When we say thank you, it is us giving a response to a need met.
  • Our gratitude is the gift we give for love or kindness others show toward us. 
  • A simple thank you is the currency of appreciation.  

As we move through this Lenten season let us show our gratitude every chance we get. The blessings we have received may not be as miraculous as the one mentioned in the text, still we should thank God every chance we get.

Prayer:  God thank you for hearing me when I called for mercy, thank you for removing what hinder me and thank you for not holding it against me when I failed to show gratitude. Amen and Asé.
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