Witnessing While Tired

Witnessing While Tired
John 4:5-15
Pastor Aaron Robinson

Have you ever been tired, I mean really tired?

In this text Jesus is tired from walking a good portion of the day. The text implies that he may be tired and hungry because his disciples have gone into town to buy food. Imagine if you were walking in the heat of the day, your water flask is empty and you haven't eaten since the morning. The events of the text likely take place around 6:00 PM so Jesus is probably on empty.

To make matters worse, Jesus asks a simple question, makes a simple request and gets attitude. Jesus is tired, thirsty and must deal with a bad attitude.  Jesus’ humanity is being tested at this moment.  The Messiah has to practice what he preaches in this moment.

To really understand this text, one has to understand the relationship between Jews and Samaritans.  From a cultural perspective, Jewish men did not speak with Samaritan women, especially if they did not know each other. Jesus was breaking cultural norms by asking this woman for a drink. In some circles Samaritan women were seen as unclean so to drink from a cup that was handled by a Samaritan woman made a Jewish male unclean.  The sister is taken by surprise because Jesus sees her and interacts with her.

Remember, Jesus is tired, thirsty and hungry but still he is patient with the sister. Jesus just doesn't witness with his words he witnesses with his actions. He sees she is thirsty; she's looking for something and is just having a difficult time finding it.  She's at the well to get water, yet she's dying of thirst.  Jesus offers her an award she can't get out the well.  He offers her an award that will satisfy her parched soul! Jesus takes the time to witness even when he's tired.

When life isn't moving the way we want it to, and we are tired - we still are called to witness. When life's basic needs aren't being met, we still have to witness about the living water that is found in the word of God. When we're sitting alone and it doesn't seem culturally right, we still have to witness. When we come across people that we have been told not to like or who don't like us, we still have to offer them a drink of the living water.  Even when people mistreat us, we still have to be a witness.

As we move through this Lenten journey we must witness about how good God is and how it is good to drink from God's cup.  To drink from God's cup replenishes our soul. To drink from God's cup makes us whole.

Most Gracious and Merciful God, replenish us when we're tired. Fill us when we are empty. Give us enough to fill others we meet on the journey.  Help us to lead others to your well of living water. Allow us to provide the bucket to drop and cup for them to drink.  Amen and Asé
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Rev. Deborah Rozier - February 23rd, 2023 at 8:20am

Amen and I pray one day this will happen in the world, the national and at the Mount. In Jesus Name Amen 🙏🙏🙏