A Liberating Light

A Liberating Light  || Psalm 43:1-4  ||  Angelle Sullivan

Isn't it amazing how, as we grow older, we find ourselves repeating the words of our parents? Often, I sit and laugh at the phrases I use because I know I sound just like my mom. One phrase that stands out more than others is, "Baby, they talked about Jesus; what makes you think they won't talk about you.) Yes, this phrase was often said to me and my siblings when my mom heard us venting about someone mistreating us. She had a way of saying it with such grace that it would convict our spirits and cause us to lift our heads and press on.

Although my mother's words got us through tough times in our younger years, I know that the phrase still carries much weight in my heart today. The difference is the bullies are multiplied, and they are seen and unseen. I believe David understood how tough it is to deal with enemies/bullies. In Psalms 43:1-4, David cries out to the Lord, asking God to vindicate him from an unfaithful nation and those who are wicked and deceitful. David seems to have the same cry that I tend to have daily: that God protects my friends, family, and myself from this evil and cruel world. Just like David, I understand that there are deceitful people who are looking to destroy us daily. However, I also understand that oftentimes, it is no fault of their own, but it is the work of Satan himself.

David humbly acknowledges his weaknesses as he continues his plea, understanding that his protection can only come from God. In verse 2, he declares that God is his stronghold. Like all of us, David sometimes allows his human emotions to overpower his faith, questioning why God has seemingly forsaken him. The feeling of being let down is a natural response, but we must strive to let our spirits rise above these feelings. David could have easily reminded himself of God's promise never to leave or forsake us, countering his emotional turmoil.

I am moved by the way David concludes his prayer. It mirrors my prayers, starting with a flurry of emotions but ending with God providing a solution through my requests. Sometimes, I find myself asking God for things I never would have thought of or prayed about. David had one of these moments of divine conversation in the midst of his prayers. He shifts his focus from the evil people to the people of God, praying for their guidance to the holy ground where he can forever sing God's praises. This shift in focus is powerful and transformative.

Whew, what a shift! Have you been focusing on your bullies too long? As we close out our Lenten season, I want to encourage you to shift like David did and not focus on things or people that seem to want to destroy but on the good that comes from the power of Jesus Christ, our LIBERATING LIGHT!

Prayer: Father, you are so good, and your mercy endures forever. Thank you for sending us a LIBERATING LIGHT that is always with us. When we seem to focus on the troubles of this world, remind us to keep our hearts on you, for you have given us PEACE, JOY, GOODNESS, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, SELF-CONTROL, LOVE, AND GENTLENESS.
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