Life Changing Faith

Life Changing Faith
Hebrews 11:8-12
Evangelist Denise Barrett-Abraham

Most things that are powered by batteries have an on and off switch. If the batteries are included when an item is purchased, then it is ready to be used immediately. However, it still must be activated by the switch. As Christians, our switch is faith. When we turn on our faith, we can access the LIFE CHANGING FAITH power included in us by God.

In the text, Abraham made a pilgrimage of faith. God called; he obeyed. That sounds simple until you realize that Abraham did not know where he was going. How did he do it? And how did he live as a foreigner in the land of promise without ever owning it? How did he survive his faith muscle being tested and tried on a regular and heightened basis? The answer is that he had his heart set on another city - one whose architect and builder is God (FAITH relationship). He focused on the spiritual while looking for the physical which brought about a LIFE-CHANGING FAITH.

Often in life we won't know where God is taking us, and if we overlook the spiritual, we will become discouraged. God is the architect of the Eternal City, and He's the architect of the opportunities in our life.

Sarah is an example of the power of God in a person's life. She was unable to have children, and Abraham was as good as dead in terms of ability to procreate. In fact, Hebrews only gives us the conclusion to the couple’s infertility story. When God promised her a child, Sarah laughed (Genesis 18:11-12). She thought it was a joke. Eventually, though, she had faith that the One who had promised was faithful. It took 25 years to get from promise to baby. The LIFE CHANGING FAITH we are to experience may be realized after our journey here on earth has ended and may be LIFE CHANGING FOR our descendants.

Oftentimes God doesn't complete what he wants to do in our life until we're spiritually prepared. This leads me to briefly point to our relationship with God. LIFE CHANGING FAITH IS REALLY HOW WE TRULY EXPERIENCE THE fullness of the TRIUNE.

You may not believe me, but human beings are defined by their relationships more than anything else. Relationships tell us who we are, whose we are and what is expected of us. Our relationships define where we've been, where we are and where we're going. Throughout the Bible, it's easy to see a few select people who are so clearly defined by their relationships. In Genesis 6, Noah was defined by who he wasn't. In first Samuel 15, David was defined by who would he replace. In John 18, Peter was defined by who he followed.

If we're honest with ourselves, we'll see that relationships are how the world ultimately defines us. They say more about who we are than any biographical sketch or social profile. We can't go anywhere without acknowledging who we are or whom we belong to. Those ideas matter more than we would like to admit. In the real world, the company we keep is the one of the most telling characteristics of who we truly are.  To that point, when all is said and done, the only relationship that defines who we genuinely are is our relationship with the triune that guides us through LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCES OF FAITH.

Notice that over and over again, God has called those who trusted in him and desired a deep relationship with Him. “His children”. He loved the patriarchs of old like Abraham, Noah, and Job, who endured, despite mounting pressure to give up. Abraham, during his whole life, was looking for a more profound contact with God, which was revealed to him, thus making him the bearer of the promise of salvation.

Today, the trials of those who love him find the same patience and forgiveness those first century Christians found while studying at the feet of Paul, Timothy or Peter. God loves his children. He really wants us to experience the fullness of Him through our LIFE CHANGING FAITH. He cares for US and values the relationship WE share with Him on a daily basis more than any relationship in this world.

Right now, God is actively seeking a relationship with US (individually and collectively), so that we really can experience Him in a LIFE CHANGING WAY. He wants us to know we’re special. He wants US to know we're made in His image. He wants US to know we're the most valuable thing in this world to Him. He wants us to know Him because He knows us and the only way to obtain that LIFE CHANGING FAITH is by really experiencing him when He exercises our FAITH MUSCLE IN A LIFE CHANGING WAY.
King of Glory, change is often a scary thought, but Your word encourages change; Your faithful servants embraced change. I pray that we follow Abraham’s example and walk in faith when we obey the things that You have called us to do. Thank you for your loving, gracious and merciful relationship with us. Abraham was called to go out to a place that he was to receive as an inheritance; he went out, not knowing where he was going. I pray that we too walk faith-first (instead of feet-first) into change, In Jesus Name, Amen.
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