His Blood

His Blood  |  Hebrews 9:13-14  |  Pastor Aaron Robinson

As we complete this first week of Lent let us reflect on the reason we are on this journey. We are followers of Christ because of His Blood.  Christ was bold enough to give up his blood and not that of an animal. The author of this Hebrew text is reminding us that the sacrifices of old have passed away and the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Christ are all we need.
You might ask, ‘why does the author bring up animal sacrifice?’ When this letter was written, animals were sacrificed to atone for our misgivings and sins. The animal used was in accordance with the sin committed.  A sacrificial offering had to be made to atone for our unworthy works.

The author of Hebrews is letting us know that the above requirements are no longer needed. The one without blemish has given his blood to atone for our sins.  His blood changed everything.   Why does this make a difference? Because regardless of status, income, location or station in life the only access you need is the name above all names.
If you were a person of a particular status, it meant that you had connections to those in power. The animal you used in sacrifice was the reflection of your income. People had to travel days to get to the temple to conduct the sacrifice. Your position in life also was a predictor of your access to the temple. All of these things had a tremendous impact on one’s religious life and relationship with God.

Jesus leveled the playing field and gave all access to God.  Regardless of what you had done, where you had been or what you haven't done, Jesus made a sacrifice for you. As we continue this journey toward resurrection Sunday let us remember his blood makes a difference. His blood makes us whole; his blood can clean the sin sick soul.

Why does his blood work?

  • Because it brings life to each of us.  Like the blood in our veins carries oxygen and needed nutrients to the various parts of our body, his blood brings new life to a dying world.
  • Because it carries away our sin.  The blood in our veins removes unneeded waste, Carrying carbon dioxide to the lungs and other waste to the digestive system and kidneys. His blood removes the sin that seeks to hold us back from our lives.
  • Because it flows toward God.  The blood in our system flows to the heart and from the heart. His blood flows to God and covers us.

Prayer: most gracious and merciful God thank you for allowing us to be made whole. We thank you for accepting your son's sacrifice. Lord, help us to make sacrifices for others by giving up our time, talents, and treasures. 
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