Faith Is

Faith Is
Hebrews 11:1-3
Pastor Aaron Robinson

On our Christian walk one question that is of the utmost importance is the question of faith. What is faith?  On our Lenten journey we must seek the answer to this question.

When Jesus went into the wilderness he was dealing with a question of faith. For 40 days his faith was tested by Satan.  The author in this letter answers this question. The author reminds us that faith is a certainty and confidence in what God will do. The author of this Hebrew text teaches us that in our faith walk there is proof of the existence of the unseen.
To make it plain and simple this text tells us to be confident that God is working behind the scenes for us. The author implores us to look around and see the power of God in all of creation. Look at how God spoke it and it came to be, not because it already was but simply because God spoke it into existence.

Still, you’re asking what is faith? Our faith is measured by our confidence in God and our ability to see past the tangible.  Faith is knowing and trusting God. Jesus’ time in the wilderness required him to know God is the ruler and maker of all things. It also required him to trust that God had his back.

Our Lenten journey should grow our faith. Each day we should draw nearer to thee in the words of that old spiritual. As we grow our confidence in God, we nurture our trust of God. Someone may be asking how do I grow and nurture these?

We grow our faith by removing the things that hinder our spiritual growth.  Fasting is an important tool in growing our faith.  When we remove the things that distract us it allows God to speak to us. Some of the time you have to get rid of some things to put new things in.

We grow our faith by feeding our spirit. When we feed our spirit by reading God’s word and learning about God, we are pouring into ourselves.  God desires for us to learn.

We grow our faith by watering our relationship with God.  We water our relationship with God through our prayer life. When we pray, we are talking to God and learning God's voice.
When you get to a place where you can say I truly trust what God is doing and where God is leading me even though I can't quite see it, you know what faith is. Faith isn't just a word it is a lived experience.

Most gracious and merciful God know what we thank you for allowing enough access to your wonder and majesty. We thank you for all of the examples of faith that you give us in your word. Now Lord we ask that you help us as we grow our faith, guide us and lead us. Amen.
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