Purposed  ||  Jeremiah 1:4-5  ||  Tamika Brown

We have spent this week focused on who we are, and how God made us. We were reminded that from our character, to the design of our human form, we were created by God in God’s image. Humbleness, humility graciousness, kindness, love peace joy are to be modeled as God did. Hair and all its textures and shapes, our skin and all its beautiful hues and shades, our laughter, the way we love, the way we give, the way we share, are all, by God‘s design.

As we close out this week on how we’re made, let’s spend a little bit of time on the way we are purposed. Several years ago, I heard or read this woman say this, “stop looking for your purpose it ain’t lost”! And I thought “well that’s interesting, because everyone is out here with their classes and seminars ready to teach us all the ways to find our purpose.”

Everyone talks about their purpose, and how their searching for purpose and trying to realize their purpose and it’s natural. we know in our hearts that we are made for something we have a reason and with the hustle and bustle of life, we easily forget what that might be.

Today’s brief scriptural reference, reminds us. The text reminds us that not only were we created by God, not only did God make us in God’s own image but also that each of us has been chosen, set apart and appointed. We have each been purposed.

It is fitting, I think, that the overarching theme in Jeremiah 1 is the call of a reluctant prophet. This, is us! When it comes to our Christian journey, no matter where we are on that path, we can become reluctant. I imagine then, when it comes to being purposed, it is rarely that we do not know what that purpose is. More likely, we have become so accustomed to “selectively hearing” God’s voice, desires and instructions for our lives due to reluctance, it has been buried underneath all the noise of life. Our purpose is not lost. In many cases, we have laid it aside.

We are living in a “pick me” culture. Everyone wants to be singled out, to have the title, to be ‘in charge’, to be chosen. But being chosen by humanity is fleeting. It depends on the whims of moods. Being chosen by God however, is to be purposed. God has placed greatness in us and it is unconditional and unwavering. Many of us though, allow the gift of being chosen to become dormant. We forget God’s intent for our lives.

Set Apart
Although everyone wants to be chosen, ironically, everyone looks and sounds the same! On any given day you can scroll through Instagram and see the exact same sounds/images … but from all different people. It’s the weirdest thing. No one wants to be different. No one wants to be set apart. But in being our authentic selves, we are inherently different. This is how God made us. This is how God has purposed us.

I don’t know what comes to mind for you when you hear the word appointed but for me, it’s SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States). Random, I know. But these are the highest appointments in our society today. Individuals are placed into these positions of power for a lifetime (which is ridiculous but that’s a discussion for another day). Anyway, when we are appointed, it is done. There is no debate or real discussion. It is done. No matter what the people might say, no matter that we may not even realize it, God has done it. God has placed us in position, God has purposed us.

I know that I’ve gone long on this devotional but another definition of appointed is “provided with what is necessary, equipped”. Let that sink in to your spirit. We have been chosen, set apart, and placed in position with ALL that we need. We just need to tap in.

Throughout this Lenten season and beyond, let us tap into our individuality. Let us be chosen because we are unafraid to be whom God has called us to be. Let us stand firm in being set apart. We are unique beings with unique contributions and that is to be celebrated. Let us know that we know that we KNOW that we have been appointed! Even if we don’t have a spot on the “main stage” we can speak life into our friends and neighbors, we can nurture and support the gifts and talents of those around us.

Most gracious and merciful God. Thank you for the reminder that even though we may be running from it, our purpose is not lost. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to walk in that purpose just as you designed it. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
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