Blessings Rain Down

Blessings Rain Down  |  James 1:17  |  Tamika B. Brown

Our church theme this year and our Lenten prayer focus this week is grateful. Today’s scripture reminds us of the importance and impact of generous acts of giving. We are reminded that Blessings Rain Down upon us as a reflection of God’s love.

But sometimes, we forget that we are blessed so that we may bless others; our Blessings Rain Down. We forget that the most effective generosity is when we give of ourselves. We forget that generosity is not often a big check or even a big production (but of course if you have a check to give, do that too 😊)

During this Lenten season and beyond, remember that generosity is an action item. Here are some simple ways to pour out your blessings:

  • Be kind: there is a quote that states “be kind, for everyone we meet is fighting a battle”, our ability to lead with love is a reflection of the God who lives within us.

  • Be honest: our ability to show up as ourselves, without masks or pomp or circumstance, makes a difference. Hiding behind who we think we “should” be or what people want us to be covers up who God has called us to be.

  • Be a mentor: rather than store them up, share your knowledge, skills and talent.

  • Help those in need: don’t wait for an invitation to lend a helping hand.

  • Say “I Love You”: no one should wonder if they are loved. We take for granted that people “just know” and all too often that simply isn’t the case. Use the words, make love known.
  • Say “job well done”: a little bit of encouragement can shift someone’s attitude and outlook so when you see something great, say something!

  • Celebrate yourself - progress is important and the more you speak life into yourself, the more you speak life into those around you.
Prayer: from the song "Rain" by the Sunday Service Choir

So just rain down, Lord, Lord, please
Let your love fall like rain
Just rain, Lord, please
Just rain down, Lord, Lord, please
Let your love just shower us
Just rain, Lord, please

Listen to it here:

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