A Testing Kind of Faith

A Testing Kind Of Faith
Hebrews 11:17-19
Sis. Ayanna Pope
FAITH: Armor for the fragile!

Faith covers us in God’s love, when we feel lonely. Faith covers us in God’s strength, when temptation calls. Faith covers us in God’s power, when we dwell in darkness. Faith as our covering, ensures we do not stand weak in ourselves!

Armor, meant to be tested, made with interlocking metals, and reinforced by thick quilted material, withstands the jabs and blows meant to kill. When we find our faith is being tested, does it not feel like exactly THAT?…jabs and blows meant to kill!

BUT if we battle on, like Abraham, willing to accept the test, trust God in the test, put aside our own understanding in the test, our armor of FAITH keeps us in tact! Our armor is then reinforced with testimony, fulfilled promises, and experience that helps to build someone else’s faith; reinforcing their armor!

Father God, we thank You for a “testing kind of faith”; faith that reveals the covering you intended for us to have. Thank You in advance for the tests you will grant us victory in. Guide us Father, away from things puncturing our armor of faith; lies we tell ourselves, negative energy that poisons the Kingdom, or even doubting Your plans assigned to us! We pray that we can receive the test, without fear, in Jesus’s name,
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