Trusting God's Leadership

Trusting God’s Leadership  ||  Psalm 25-4-7  ||  Ketris (Kay) Williams

The book of Psalm chapter 25 verses 4-7 portrays David's encounter with intense danger. Despite his awareness of his own sinful nature, David struggles to pray with confidence. He humbly seeks the Lord's assistance and protection against his adversaries. David comes to the realization that his own ways only lead to misery and anxiety.

When reading this passage, do you find yourself able to relate? Do you find yourself seeking Jesus' help in your daily endeavors? Have you ever questioned what is causing you distress and unease as a leader? Have you experienced similar feelings of distress and unease in your role, just like David?

Take a moment to contemplate what leadership means to you in your everyday life, whether it be in the corporate world, as a stay-at-home mom, or as a retiree. Do you yearn for God's wisdom? Are you asking Him to guide your actions? Are you actively searching for His path in your life? Are you standing up for what is right, or are you simply conforming to fit in with the crowd?

When I think about David and the challenges he faced, it reminds me of one of my favorite songs by Commissioned called "Running Back To You". This song resonates with me, especially in a leadership role, as we often find ourselves, like David, running back to Jesus when we have acted outside of His will. We find ourselves, like David, asking Jesus, "How can you forgive me when I've often gone astray? How can You think of me when I do things my way? I turn my back on You, the One who loved me first, pursuing my own desires and renewing worldly thirst."

Can you connect with the words of this song? As I compose this spiritual piece, I want to emphasize that it is completely acceptable to seek forgiveness. Even in your most challenging moments, the radiance of Jesus will uplift you and instill a steadfast faith in favorable results. Allow yourself to be surrounded by positivity through Jesus’s divine presence.

Let Us Pray:
Dear God, you know what's best for me. Please help me order my life according to Your will, not my own. Give me a vision worthy of my life and legacy. Help me to build honest, strong relationships, and show me opportunities where I can give of myself to better others. I ask that You reveal or confirm my purpose in me day-by-day. Help me to be fully engaged in any situation you placed me in, at this season of my life. Draw me forward in obedience to Your calling. And I ask that You would place in me the navigational ability so that I am able to lead and guide others to fulfill Your vision. In Jesus mighty wonderful name we pray Amen.
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