Sweet Smell

Sweet Smell  |  2 Corinthians 2:14-15  |  Sis. Merdice Cumberbatch
Anyone who knows me personally knows that I love fragrances. As long as I smell good I feel sensational. From perfumes for the body to aromatherapy for our personal spaces, fragrances are my thing, particularly sweet-smelling fragrances of the sweeter notes.

In the Old Testament burnt offerings were used as a sacrifice to God. Traditionally, it was the best male animal of the flock without blemish. This animal symbolized a gift of honor to God and the aroma of the smoke of these burnt offerings were sweet and pleasing to Him.

The burning of incense was also a symbolic ritual. The sweet aromatic smell of incense and the rising smoke created when burned symbolized one’s prayers rising up to God. Psalm 141:2, “Accept my prayer as incense offered to you.” This too was pleasing to God.

Do you know that we today must still continue to offer sacrifices without blemishes to God like in the days of The Old Testament as a measure of gratitude? We do this through the giving of our time, our talents, and our treasures. Through charity, missionary work, and ministry like Christ did in the New Testament. We must put our best foot forward because God deserves our best. With God nothing has changed. Our acts of service are pleasing and a forever sweet smell to God and the body of Christ. An example for all by our sacrifices of love, service, and forgiveness.

When Christ died on the cross, He paid it all. All our sins and all our debts were washed away. It is now our turn to pick up the cross and follow in our master’s footsteps. Burnt offerings are no longer required but we as Christians must continue on this journey. A journey of obedience, sacrifice, and of thankfulness with love at its core.

As we continue on this Lenten journey, let us first not forget to continue to walk in gratitude by stepping out in faith and sacrificing ourselves through acts of service, acts of giving, and acts of love and kindness so that our actions will give that wonderfully sweet, sweet smell that is ever so pleasing to God.

Prayer: Most gracious and merciful God, thank you for giving us your son who had given himself for us as the ultimate sacrifice to you. Help us to strive to be more Christlike so that we too may become that sweet smell you desire from us. Thank you God! Amen and Asé!
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