Godly Training

Godly Training  |  Titus 2:11-14  |  Tamika Brown

For those of us who have had any sort of job, we are familiar with on-the-job training. These are the opportunities presented to us by the management of the places we’ve worked. Often it is said that it is for our benefit that we participate in training. Arguably, and ultimately, while your management may indeed think you’re an awesome person, on-the-job training is mostly for the benefit of the people who own the company. When training works, it increases capacity, and boosts the bottom line. But that is a capitalistic conversation for another day.

I don’t know about you and I don’t want you to raise your hand. I don’t want you to look at your neighbor because this isn’t about calling anybody out. But many of us absolutely dread on-the -job training! Mostly, I think, it is not because we don’t want to learn new things. It’s usually the way that the subject matter is presented that is such a turn off. And often we don’t really understand how this benefits us.

It’s a double-edged sword for sure because on the one side, we want to learn to grow to be better, but on the other side, we don’t want to be bored to tears for something of little to no direct benefit to/for us. Thankfully though, God is better than our human resources manager! #CubicleChronicles

The text for today is a teachable moment, an opportunity for the people to learn a new thing. The first part of this chapter provides instruction on how to live, how to be. The second part though, v. 11-15, is a lesson on grace. And unlike some of our professional training, although it glorifies God, this Godly Training benefits us most.

As you know, every good training has an overall goal and achievable learning objectives. So, what are the goals and objectives of Godly Training? I’m glad you asked.

GOAL: As God’s people it is imperative that grace becomes a part of who and how we are.

  • Learn to always consider God’s grace towards us so that we are slower to react from places of anger or other emotions; we are slower to speak against or judge others.

  • Learn to show grace to ourselves! We will absolutely falter but that does not mean we have failed.

  • Learn to be strong, courageous and confident as the hands and feet of God.

Prayer: Most gracious God, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to learn and grow in you so that everywhere we go, we are indeed salt and light.  Amen.
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