Let The Music Move You

Let the Music Move You!
Pastor Aaron Robinson

We are a few weeks away from our third annual Jazz at the Mount and we are super excited about this year’s line up!  When we first began this endeavor of a jazz festival at the church, on church grounds there was push back.  Many felt it wasn’t in the purview of the church to hold such an event.
Four years later some still feel that way and wonder why we are still engaged in such activities. Their biblical interpretation says the Church should not be playing or allowing certain music to be played on church property. On that note, I want to speak to that theology and why it is important for the church to expand its circle to reach the masses; why music of all genres can be used to draw people closer to God.

Music is a powerful tool.  It has been used for ages through the instruments of voice, as well as percussion and wind instruments.  Song and music instruments are found throughout the Bible and are used in many different ways.  They are used as to tools of praise, prayer, celebration, and comfort. Music is throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

In the 4th chapter of Genesis at the 21st verse Jubal is named the ancestor of those who play the lyre and pipe.   The book of Psalms is a collection of hymns for the nation of Israel, and various Psalms are used for various occasions.  In Psalms 98 we are reminded to make a joyful noise and sing praises. The book of Psalms is filled with songs of celebration and as well as songs of lamentation.  Horns were blown to represent the presence of God and God’s Power.  Lyre’s were played to calm the hurting and to celebrate victory.  David was called upon to play music for King Saul in his time destress (! Sam 16:15-18).  David also danced out of his clothes (2 Sam 6:14).  Jesus preformed his first recorded miracle at a wedding and music was a part of such a celebration.  Jesus uses example of music in his teaching.
I point these instances out to illustrate how music moves people in the Bible.  Music is a gift from God and sanctioned by God.  It has the ability to connect us to God and each other.  In the worship experience music plays a major role but in the same vein also in our personal lives it moves us to different places.

Jazz at the Mount is about using the medium of music to connect those in the congregation with each other and those in the community.  It is us meeting the community where they are and bringing them to our campus to be closer to God. Music is a wonderful reflection of God’s creative power because it creates harmony where there is chaos. It brings what is different together harmoniously.  As we prepare for our 3rd annual Jazz at the Mount remember, God is in the music because God’s is in our hearts. God is in the music because God lives in harmony.  God is in the music because it moves something deep inside of us.
Come out and let the music move you!

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