Making Our Ancestors Proud

Making Our Ancestors Proud
Pastor Aaron Robinson

During the month of February, we were reminded of the numerous accomplishments of those who came before us.  They had so little but achieved so much, even with the odds stacked against them, they pushed toward the mark.  African American History Month (Black History Month) was created for that very reason.  Carter G. Woodson understood the need for self-empowerment and self-reflection in the Black community.  He recognized that our reflection on past accomplishments would inspire future success.  As we ponder their productivity, we are forced to plan our progress.  He realized and recognized that knowing one’s history can motivate one to work harder to make the Ancestors Proud.
Black history week which is now Black history month grew out of a void in the education system.  The history of Black/African people was left out and/or overlooked by those in leadership in the city, state, and federal governments of this nation.  Those who wrote history books and created educational curriculum ignored the contributions made by people of African descent, causing an abyss in the pages of history.  Black History Month pours into that empty cup.

As I reflect on the importance of Black History 365, I can’t help but feel a desire to make my Ancestors proud.  When I think about all the sacrifices made to ensure my survival, I feel a duty to move in such a way that makes my Ancestors smile.  Jesus and some of the disciple sat with the Ancestors on the Mount of Transfiguration.  Paul acknowledges the Ancestors when he spoke of the great cloud of witnesses.   Making the Ancestors proud isn’t an act of worship, it is an act of commemoration and acknowledgement of appreciation for those who cut a path for us.  
Someone may be wondering how can I make my Ancestors proud? We make our Ancestors Proud when we are our best self (do our best).  Our Ancestors are elated when we leave a legacy for future generations.  The Ancestors smile when we challenge systems that held them back.  The Ancestors are overjoyed when we surpass obstacles that hindered them.

When we are the best version of our self we can possibly be, when we are reflecting God’s purpose and passions for us.  Being our best self is all our Ancestors wanted for us, they understood the limits placed on them were tools to hinder them from being all God created them to be.  When we live in the plans God has for us and show up daily as our best self, we are making the Ancestors Proud.

Every difficult situation was endured in hopes that things would be better for the next generation.  Each long day survived was for their children’s children.  Our Ancestors didn’t leave a lot of money or land because of the systems in place but they did leave a legacy of travail, tenacity, and talent.  What we do for self will fade with time but what we do for future generations will live forever.

We are where we are because so many before us challenged systems and institutions so we could gain access.  They stood up so we can now stand tall, they sat down so we could have a seat at the table.  Each of them marched so we might walk or run into any room we want.  Our Ancestor are proud every time we speak for the voiceless and challenge systems, removing or overcoming obstacles.
As we reflect on the journey of our Ancestors, let us seek to make them proud by living and building on the legacy they left us.   In all we do we should seek to make the Great Ancestor Proud, Jesus.  When we make the Ancestors proud, the Ancestors make room for us, amongst that great cloud of witnesses.  Go ahead make your ancestors Proud by doing something wonderful, Big Mama is cheering for you.  Paw Paw has your back.

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