Remember When

Remember When
Deuteronomy 8:1-5
Rev. Deborah Rozier

Deuteronomy 8:1-5: Reminds us that God is the One who causes the good things that are happening to us.

I know forgetfulness has been a problem most people experience. Remember the time when you have something to get from a particular place, and when you are already there you thought to yourself, "What on earth am i doing here?" Funny, isn't it? But most of us have experienced that.


A Biblical Scholar put a spiritual truth very creatively: “God gives and forgives whereas man gets and forgets”. How true!!! It is this forgetfulness that leads to “cooling down of the first love” (Rev 2:4-5). As much of love is dependent on gratitude (Luke 7:47), it would serve us well to regularly stoke the fires of gratitude by remembering again and again all the good Lord has done for us faithfully over ALL the years.

That’s what spiritual exercising is all about (1 Tim 4:8). Oh, how often, when his spiritual temperatures have plummeted, Yours Truly would be led to seek solitude (Matt 6:6) to revive his spiritual health (unlike in the physical the spiritual one... good health of a soul and temperature are directly proportional!!!).

Just like our Heavenly Father who would not put off a smoldering wick is so faithful (like His love and power, His faithfulness is also indescribable-Matt 12:20) that He has time and again helped me in my weakness by using His Holy Spirit (Romans 8:26) to breathe fire to smoldering embers of my soul.

Do not let the overwhelming force of blessings (or even trials) preoccupy you so much that you forget the One who does good things. Awards, achievements, and everything that we have, and we will be is a result of God’s immeasurable goodness. Let us be humble and thankful before Him.

We are what we are, and we have what we have not because we are clever but because God is so wise; not because we are mighty but because God is powerful; and not because we are consistent but because God is faithful. Do not forget God.

PRAYER: Lord of life and love, as we give thanks for times past, grant us courage to embrace the present and grace to share the future. In memory of loved ones dear, kindle their flame to shine in the dark and light the path ahead. Show the way that leads to life as we cherish days gone by and inspire us with the touch of love that faith and hope live on. In Jesus Name Amen
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