Made For

Made For
Ephesians 2: 8 – 10
By Carolyn J. Satcher

Many of us are so busy living that we forget what we are living for. It is then that the question of the meaning of life comes into focus: What am I living for?

If we are not careful, we could miss the main purpose. We might never learn the reason for our existence. You might be wondering why I should be a Christian. Most people answer this question by what a Christian does.

Paul knew what he was living for. He knew why God made him. We were dead in our sin. If God had not stepped in and intervened, we would still be dead in sin and on our way to hell. But God did step in. Not because we had reformed ourselves and made ourselves better people and became more lovable. No, God stepped in simply because He loved us.

There are two ways to remember what grace is. The first is an acronym: G.R.A.C.E. God’s Riches at Christ’s Expense. The other is Grace is getting something good that we don’t deserve. We did not work for salvation; we did not earn it. It was given to us freely by grace as a gift from God.
Though we were headed to eternal punishment, and deserved nothing less, God sent His Son Jesus to die in our place, and shed His blood for our sin, so that we might be raised to life and reign with Him forever.

Paul says that salvation is not of works in any way, shape or form. Works play absolutely no part in being made alive with Christ, being raised with Christ, or being seated with Christ. Lest anyone should boast. In other words, if salvation were of works, we would be able to boast that we saved ourselves.

Works play a large part in living as a Christian should. Although works play no part in getting us to heaven, works play a large part about what kind of reception we will get in heaven. Because we are his workmanship, God knows what is best for us. Paul says that we are God’s workmanship, and the new life we have is because we are in Christ Jesus. As a result, we should live like Christ Jesus.

Prayer: Father God, we thank you for your grace toward us. We know that we were not worthy to be saved. But because of your love for us you sent your son Jesus Christ so that we might be saved. Thank you for your goodness and mercy. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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