Purpose Rules

Purpose Rules
Proverbs 19:21
Pastor Aaron Robinson

We live in a society that has become overly influenced by the creation of wealth and the accumulation of stuff.  People say money rules the world and the desire for money rules the people, God isn’t even in the equation.  Our focus has trended toward things, rather than divine purpose.  Money has become the god of many and the pursuit of it has redirected the path of the masses.    

Fear rule has also compromised our relationship with the Creator. Living during and in a global pandemic has cultivated the weeds of unhealthy fear.  This reign of fear is choking the life out of many, causing isolation and retreat for a multitude.
In this simple short wisdom verse the author is reminding us that we make many plans, but it is God’s purpose for our lives that will ultimately rule our lives.  This text highlights God’s divine will for each of us is God’s purpose-work through us.  The word purpose (esā) in the text can also be translated as counsel or advice.    

What this text is telling us is that following God’s counsel and plan for our lives will lead to our victory.   Seek God’s counsel in all you do and be amazed at how you prevail.  God’s desire for your life will blow your mind, just seek them.  

Think for a minute on these questions: What rules your life?  Is it fear, finances, family, or friends? What plans have you made that didn’t come to pass?  Now take a moment and reflect on how God’s purpose and plans have blessed you and those around you.  Think about how your surrender to God’s purpose helped you prevail.
Mary didn’t plan to get pregnant before getting married, but God’s purpose and plan wrote her name into the annals of history.  Peter planned to run his fishing business, but God’s purpose promoted him to the rock of the church.  Paul’s plan was to persecute the church leaders of his day, but God’s purpose knocked him off his horse on the road to Damascus and advanced him to apostle to the Gentiles.  Let God’s Purpose rule your life and watch what happens.  As you continue this Lenten journey, recall the purpose and plan Jesus followed to ensure your salvation.

Prayer: Most Gracious and Merciful God, I surrender and submit to your purpose and your plan for my life.  Help me let go of the stuff that is getting in the way of me hearing your advice and desires for my life.  Lead me and guide me toward your plans for me and let your purpose rule in my life.  Amen and Asé!  
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DEBORAH ROZIER - March 24th, 2022 at 6:56am

Alright now.. That my Daily Praying for God to directly me in His way and not mine.

Arlesia - March 24th, 2022 at 7:29am