Because of Him

Because Of Him
Isaiah 53:5
Deacon Pacia Love
Most often when we pray, we ask the Lord to heal us when sickness has entered our body whether it’s physical or we’re just stressed out. We want to be healed from the pain and relieved from our burdens. In this verse Isaiah 53:5 Because of Him, we are healed. The healing here refers to spiritual healing or healing from sin.

The prophet Isaiah had prophesied about Jesus 700 years before he arrived in a manger. The passage describes the physical punishment Christ Jesus took upon himself to heal for the sake of humanity, for those who chose to believe in Him. Listen, I know, you are stressed out, and hurting with so much going on.  Oh yes, I feel the same way at times. Because of Him our sins need to be healed. Let’s break down the parts of the scripture of Isaiah 53:5.

  •  Here in verse 5 the word “But” is a conjunction used to introduce something contrasting with what has already been mentioned in verse 4. The previous verse showed how Jesus would be considered punished by God, but it was not his own punishment that he created or bore.

  • “he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities.” Surly it was not his wrongdoing or his sin which caused him to be pierced and crushed.  It was ours. He was pierced in his hands, feet, and his side as they nailed him on the cross and stabbed him with the Roman spear. He was crushed by the rejection, betrayal, injustice, and murder committed against him by the ones he came to save.

  • “the punishment that brought us peace was on him” By his punishment, Because of Him we have been reconciled to God.  Jesus sacrificed himself, that is our peace.  Because of Him now that we have peace with God, we can go into his presence as his sons, and daughters.  We can worship him, pray to him, and abide in him.

  • “and by his wounds we are healed” Because of Him, Jesus has healed our wounds, by his own wounds suffered at the hands of those who were not healed spiritually. Pardon of sin, and restoration of the favor of God, are not represented as an act of healing. The figure is obtained from the fact that we are often represented as crushed, broken, and bruised by the weight of our transgressions and Because of Him the removal of the sin is represented as an act of spiritual healing.

Prayer: Dear loving, kind, and merciful God. Thank you for your son, Jesus for saving us and healing us from our own transgressions which allows us to be reconciled back into your present. In Jesus name Amen.
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