Get On Up

Get On Up
John 5: 2-9
Rev. Dawn Love

At points during the course of our lives we are faced with situations that are overwhelming. We find ourselves in a place where it seems we are stagnated; we are not making progress. We feel that we need help and assistance which is not forthcoming. There are periods when we struggle to breakout of hardship and unpleasant situations, we tried all possible means but all into no avail.

Many of us look for help from friends and family but help cannot come from them, because our family and friends need help themselves. Many times, we look for help in the wrong direction- and when we don’t get our desired result because WE looked in the wrong direction, we become frustrated, and we give in to fate without making any effort or trying harder.
The disappointment that many people have faced in life has made them to be “handicapped” and become “crippled” to every good thing of life. They have chosen stagnation over progress, and failure over fruitfulness.

Our focus scripture tells us that the blind man at the pool was expecting help from the people around him to help lower him into the pool so that he could be healed. He felt disappointed when help did not come from them as he expected. The blind man accepted his fate and stayed at the pool for thirty-eight years without any effort; before Jesus came to rescue him!

The blind man was helpless and hopeless because he looked in the wrong direction for help.

The word of God for you today is “Do not allow the situations of life to make you hopeless.” Look in the right direction for help - Jesus is the help for the helpless and the hope for the hopeless. Do not allow the negative situation to overwhelm you. You have to GET ON UP!

You have to remember that Jesus is your sure hope and your ever-present help in times of trouble.  Jesus stays ready and willing to help you to get up from failure and stagnation and walk you to your place of breakthrough and abundance. Do not explain it away like the blind man - don't give excuses, don't justify your stagnation. GET ON UP and walk!

Prayer: God, I ask that we do not let any problem stagnate us. When those times arise, remind us that there will always be a way around our problem. Nothing can hold us bondage if WE don’t allow it.  Help us to GET ON UP and walk out of stagnation. Amen
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