God Is Love

God Is
1 John 4: 16-19
Deacon Pacia Love
Can you believe it, we are about a week away from Easter 2022?! It seems for some of us we still find ourselves faced with trials and tribulations doing this Lenten season.  We are somewhat trapped in our own dilemmas, and in our own situations that sometimes life makes it difficult to understand God‘s love for us. It can be really hard to show love to one another while going through these rough times.

I grew up believing in Jesus and I knew Jesus died and rose from the dead and His death is payment for my sin. Wow! “What kind of love is this?!” When I realize that Jesus died in my place, taking my punishment, I understood God‘s love and I prayed to receive Jesus as my Savior.

This scripture tells us God Is Love. These three little words which seem so simple states and expresses the very essence of God. The full expression of God as love was through his son, Jesus Christ. As the creator of all things, God is the one who created love. Where God is, love is. The Holy Spirit works in us. See, John understood and had confidence that God’s love works in Christians who believe. When we experience the love of God, we know how to love one another.

So, while I’m going through my trials and tribulations, I know trouble don’t last always. I am God’s creation. I have no worries and no fear for I am a believer. God’s love cast out fear because I have faith, hope, love, and confidence that my God loves me! Now, I am eager, and excited to put God’s love into action with others.  As the famous songwriter James Cleveland wrote: “God Is the source and the strength of my Life!”

Prayer: Dear most loving, kind, gracious and merciful God. Thank you for your love. I am your creation who believes and has faith in you who is able to cast out all of my fears. In Jesus’ name. Amen
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