Bearer of Good News

Bearer of Good News
Matthew 28:1-10
Pastor Aaron Robinson
Imagine if you would the story of the crucifixion and having to tell Mary the mother of Jesus, he has been arrested by the Temple leaders and Roman Authorities.  I am sure Mary worried about her son all the time.  Someone had to bring her that bad news and I am sure that person didn’t want to carry it to Mary or anyone else.
We live in a world full of bearers of bad news.  The advent of the twenty-four-hour news cycle almost ensures bad news all day long. Evillene’s song in The Wiz “Don’t bring me no bad news!” applies to us all because nobody really wants to hear bad news. Bad news create a bad day and bad energy. 

What is beautiful about the text in today’s devotional is there is a bearer of good news.  In this moment of deep disappointment, good news is found at the tomb.  All the bad news of the previous two days has been flipped to good news.  They went to the tomb sobbing but left rejoicing.  Arrived expecting death, but instead met life.  Anticipated heartbreak but realized happiness.
This text teaches us, God can change the narrative from bad to good.  God can take defeat and make it deliverance.  God can turn devastation into celebration.  God will make a bad situation better and a tragic situation triumphant.  God can breathe life into any dead circumstance.

God desires for all of us to be bearers of the good news of the gospel.  Later in the chapter, we are reminded to spread the gospel (Good news) to all the world.  We are called to let people know Jesus is alive and God’s power is undefeated.  The chapter ends reminding us that Jesus is with us always.  If that isn’t good news, I’m not sure what is.   We all have some good news to share. God’s grace covered us, God’s love saved us, and God’s mercy keeps us.
Prayer:  Most gracious and merciful God remind us of the good news you offer.  Empower us to spread that good news.  Help us to be an expression of your good news.  Amen and Ase.
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