The Power of Things Unseen

The Power of Things Unseen
Sis. Carolyn J. Satcher
John 20: 24 – 29
When I think of the power of things unseen, I think of God.

God is a spirit and we must worship Him in spirit and truth. The Bible says no man at anytime has seen God. From the beginning of time when God created heaven and earth and all that is within it, even Adam and Eve, did not see God nor could they touch him.

They only heard the voice of God when he spoke to them and told them not to eat of the fruit of the tree in the midst of the garden. They had to believe that He existed. They knew that all that was given them and surrounded them was not made by them, but by a higher power that could not be seen or touched.

When Moses went up to the mountain top and received the ten commandments, he did not see God. He had to just believe that this was God who commanded him to obey all that he had requested of him. There are so many incidents of belief in the Bible rather than actual touching in order to believe.

Jairus whose daughter was ill asked Jesus to heal her without having to see him touch her with his own hands. He just simply believed. Job who was sick to his bones did not have to see God in order to believe that he would eventually be healed himself. Job’s faith made him whole again. Doubting Thomas had to touch the nails in Jesus hands and feet and the hole in his side in order to believe. Jesus’ reply to Thomas after he saw him was, “blessed are they who have not seen, but believed.”

Doubting never brings on positive results.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for being present. Thank you for showing us that you are greater than anything we could see with our own eyes. We ask that you would continue to build us up in areas where our doubt has begun to arise. In Jesus name. Amen.
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Rev. Deborah Rozier - May 5th, 2022 at 11:30am

This was awesome...