Every Vote Counts

Every Vote Counts
by Pastor Aaron Robinson
Every election cycle is important but this one is even more important. Often, we hear the phrase “this is the most important election of our lifetime.”  That statement is very true on many levels this go round. The next 50 years is dependent on your vote. There's so much at stake in this election and if we drop the ball, generations yet unborn will suffer from us sitting on the sidelines.  There are four main reasons this election is of substantial importance: women’s rights, voting rights, civil rights, and climate control.  

This summer the Supreme Court basically voided the Roe v. Wade decision, placing decision making powers back in the hand of the state.  Many states have placed bans on abortion denying women the right to choose what occurs in their bodies. The state of Georgia has a heartbeat law which prohibits abortions after a heartbeat is recognized. This is significant because many women don't even realize they are pregnant before this time.

I'm sure someone is saying that abortion is wrong, but the reality is denying someone the right to choose conflicts with the Bible itself. One of the most precious gifts that we have is our ability to choose what happens to us and what happens in us. God granted all of us with free will. The state should not be able to dictate what any individual does with their body. The only way that this can be resolved is to codify a woman's right to choose in Congress and Senate.

More than seven years ago, the courts ruled that the Voting Rights Act was no longer necessary. This created a wave of voter suppression laws across the United States. Here in Georgia the current resident of the governor's mansion stole the election with voter suppression tactics.  The purging of roles and closing voter precincts are tactics being used across the South to suppress the minority vote. Legislation passed in Georgia in 2019 and in almost 22 other states have suppressed the minority vote.

The limiting of absentee ballots and early voting all measures to stop one’s ability to vote.  The Voting Rights Act created oversight for municipalities that might suppress the vote.  If the Senate and House flipped, picking up more seats the Voting Rights Act or John Lewis Act could be passed. The current make-up of the Senate does not have enough votes to pass such legislation.

The United States Supreme Court is now looking at cases around civil rights and affirmative action laws. If the Supreme Court decides to vote against such laws, minorities will be back at square one when it comes to civil rights in these here United States. There are those who are seeking to turn back the hands of time and to take us to yesteryear of state sanctioned discrimination.

Also, there is a segment of the population that seeks to hinder minorities from advancing with the help of the state. Affirmative action laws and civil right laws are in play because there are private entities that seek to prohibit minorities from having access to government funded projects, universities and in some cases communities.

Finally, government oversight is extremely important in the care of our environment. The previous administration was unconcerned about the global impact of decisions made by corporations regarding the environment.  Because there's been little concern for the environment, we are experiencing hotter temperatures and more severe weather. If the federal government and local governments do not put in place legislation that prohibits pollution, we will see more environmental catastrophes.
This election is the most important election of our lifetime and even maybe our children's children lifetime. We can’t afford to not cast our ballot on or before Election Day. I encourage you to have a plan for voting; request your ballot or make sure you vote early. Educate yourself on who's running and make wise choices to those who best speak to your interests and your children's children interest.  

If we are not careful we will be going back in history and not moving forward. Let's get out the vote. I'm sure you will vote but let's make sure three other people vote who may not. Pledge to vote! Let's make sure our votes are counted.

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