Help My Unbelief

Help My Unbelief
Mark 9:19- 27
Terra Baker

There was a father who was desperate to have his son delivered. This deaf and dumb spirit had possessed his son and attempted to kill him several times. With no success in deliverance from Jesus’ disciples he now approaches Jesus to utter these words. The conversation went like this. “But if you can do anything, take pity on us and help us." Jesus replied “If you can? Everything is possible for one who believes”

The father cried out “I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief” Basically the father was saying, "Jesus, I want to believe that you can do this for me, however, I still have some doubt in me, could you please help with this?" This is the way we are to come to Jesus every time, when we are doubting, when our faith is wavering, we come to him, with honesty and say “Help my Unbelief”.

Jesus did just that, he delivered his son, and despite the appearance of him, Jesus grabbed his hand and lifted him up. Jesus helped his unbelief, by allowing this father to see this miracle for his son in order to build up his faith. When the father held onto his unbelief, he gave that unbelief power, as soon as he acknowledged that unbelief and handed it to Jesus, Jesus was able to show him just how powerful he was. According to Luke 18:27 "what is impossible with man is possible with God.” This act was the perfect depiction of this scripture.

How many times does God have to show us him in order for us to not doubt? We have all had times where we did not have faith that our situation would improve, that we could be healed from sickness or disease. More times than not, God came and made a way. We just had to make room for him to show us his goodness. His will was done for you and he will get the glory. If we remind ourselves of these moments where God helped us overcome our unbelief, we can continuously build. Imagine not doubting but truly believing that God would make a way out of no way.

If you want help with your unbelief then keep the following in mind:
- Come to Jesus desperately
- Make your request known
- Acknowledge your unbelief
- Then surrender your unbelief

Dear father God, thank you for your son, Jesus, being the ultimate sacrifice. God help me when I am weak, and help me when I am strong. Allow me to remain humble and acknowledge all of your ways. God, I believe that if you did it before you will do it again but please father help my unbelief. Help grow my faith in you and all that you do for your kingdom. In Jesus name I pray.
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