Ask, Believe & Receive

Ask, Believe, Receive
Mark 11:20-24
Tamika Brown

You may have heard the phrase “you have not, because you ask not”, and really someone reading this may have actually heard it from me! I’m quick to say, “well how were you planning on getting it if you didn’t ask for it!?” - I even say to my 11-year-old, sir, that is a YOU problem.

Too many times we let our lack of belief keep us from our blessings. We may not believe in ourselves, in our ideas, or in our products. And though we realize it or not, this lack keeps us from ASKING – for support, for promotion or even for feedback! This is an US problem! It is not on the person/people of even God is we don’t ask. The African American proverb says “closed mouths don’t get fed”.

Today’s text deals with our unbelief. Jesus doesn’t admonish Peter, but instead reminds him that it is his BELIEF that brings things to pass. Through this text, each of us is reminded that belief is not simply a mind thing, but in fact, a heart thing. We have to know not only in our minds that we are deserving, but we also have to know in our hearts that we are deserving.

Earlier this week we learned about Step-by-Step Belief. Deacon Pacia shared the story about her granddaughter and her ABSOLUTE belief in her own ability to become a walker. There was a consistent practice involved in order to shore up her physical, mental and heart strength! The same must be true for us.

It is not enough to ASK. And to be honest, how many of us are actually clear AND specific when we ask for something? We pray things like “Lord, I want to be successful. Help me be successful”. Now family, what is the good Lord supposed to do with that?!?! Successful in what? At what? Where do you need to be strengthened? What types of people need to be placed along your journey? What does success look like for you? This is probably another devotional for another day so I will, as Jonathon McReynolds sings, move on.

Once we are clear on our ASK, we have to BELIEVE with all our hearts that what we ask for can and will come to pass. No matter what the “haters” say, no matter who is whispering about you behind your back, no matter how many lies are told. We have to focus on OUR heart, OUR belief.

And finally, we RECEIVE – or we don’t. This one can be a tough pill to swallow and often we become angry at God because we didn’t get the thing(s) we ASKed for, BELIEVEd in. Saints – and ain’ts – ARE WE PREPARED to receive? There are many times in this life when it is our own lack of preparation that holds us back. For instance, once we make more money or become more successful are we ABLE to manage all that comes along with it. Look at all the people who have won the lottery only to end up in squander. They RECEIVEd but were not prepared.

During this Lenten season, let us bear in mind the “and”. The “and” tells us when can’t do one or two of the steps. We must do all three 1. ASK, 2. BELIEVE and 3. be prepared to RECEIVE.

God my God. Thank you for being a God of steps. Thank you for reminding us that you are always doing your part, but we have to also do ours. We have to remain vigilant, consistent, prayerful and action oriented. Amen.
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DEBORAH ROZIER - March 16th, 2023 at 2:30pm

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