How Obedience Conquers

How Obedience Conquers
1 John 5:1-5
Pastor Aaron Robinson

In my mother's house, obedience was king/queen. My mother believed that obedience started in the home and if we were obedient at home, we would be obedient wherever we went.

She was concerned because our obedience correlated to how we treated people. It also was a reflection of our home training and reflected how we treated her and other elders in our lives. As a junior in high school, I had the opportunity to take world history and my mother was my teacher. I knew my mother ran a tight ship in her classroom, she believed that every student had the potential to learn if they followed the rules and paid attention. All she was saying is, if every student was obedient their potential was limitless. She would let every student know at the beginning of the semester, that her job was to teach and theirs was to pay attention and follow the syllabus.

Our devotional text for today deals with love and obedience.  The focus for this week is being obedient to God's direction and purpose for us. The author of this text is writing to a community that is being tested and tried. The author is speaking to a community that has forgotten the command to love our neighbor as ourself.

The text speaks about love and its importance but also reminds the reader that at the very root of this love is obedience to God and God's commands for our lives. The apostle is penning this pericope to remind the reader that when we love each other we're following God's commands.  In so many words the author is saying that our obedience makes us conquerors even in the midst of difficult situations.

The text is encouraging us to love each other even when it's difficult because God commands us to love one another. In so many words we are being told that we have an obligation to love our brother and sister as we love God. This love is a reflection of our obedience to God's word.  The apostle informs us that God's commands aren't a burden because we know the end result of obeying those commands. Our faith creates a space for us to obey God because we trust what God is saying and what God is doing. When we are obedient to God, we are saying God I trust you, I respect you, and I honor you.

Obedience asks three things:

Do you TRUST what God is saying and what God is doing in your life? Even though I did not like some of the rules my mom had, I trusted her judgment and her care and concern for me. I knew she always had my best interest at heart. As my relationship has grown with God, I know that God is always seeking my best interest and as I reflect on my life, I've realized that even when God told me no and I ignored it, God always turned out to be right.

Do you RESPECT God's word and what God has done and is doing?  My mother would always say, you don't have to like me, but you will respect me. As I've grown older, I understand what she was saying. She understood that my respect for her would grow my trust in her. On this Christian journey I've come to realize that respecting God is a must if one is to obey God. If you don't respect the giver of the rule, then you won't respect the rule itself.

Are you Honoring God in the life you're living? When we are obedient, we are honoring the one who rules over us. Anytime someone said Nita’s son is such a good child it was them saying her child honors her.  We show our love for our brothers and sisters and follow God's command on our lives, people see us and say he or she is a good Christian. They are saying that we are good children of God, and we are honoring the God that we serve.

As we move through this Lenten season let us remain obedient to the pledges that we've made, steadfast doing what God has called us to do, and unmovable on God's purpose for our life. Let us love on each other and follow the command that Jesus called one of the greatest to love our brothers and sisters as ourselves. When we do this, we are being obedient.

Prayer:  Most Gracious and merciful God, we just come thanking you Lord for being patient with us when we have failed to be obedient. God we just asked that you help us grow so that in everything we do we show our obedience to thee.  Help us to show our obedience as we love on each other, helping to create your Kingdom here on earth. Amen and Ase
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