An 'All Things Are Possible' Kind of Trust

An ‘All Things are Possible’ Kind of Trust
Luke 1:26-38
Pastor Aaron Robinson

Before we dive into the devotional for today, I have three questions for you:
Do you believe that anything is possible with God?
Do you trust God and Gods’ sovereignty and know that God rules the heavens and the earth?
Do you trust God's omnipotence?

The answers to these questions are a gauge for our belief that God is able to do any and everything. Positive affirmation to these questions should infer that you have an ‘all things are possible’ kind of trust in God.  Our trust in God's ability is defined by the limits we put on a limitless God.

In the text we meet Mary the mother of Jesus who is still a teenager and unmarried. Because she is so young, she has likely seen little and experienced less.  Mary is told by the Angel that she will bear a son who will save his people and bring redemption to a dying world.  She responds by asking a simple question: how is this so (possible), I have not been with a man? Mary is a virgin and has had no sexual contact with a man, so from what the women in the community have taught her, it is impossible for her to get pregnant.

The Angel informs Mary that God is handling this situation and not just this situation but also Elizabeth’s situation. God shows up for someone who's been trying but also uses someone who has been abstaining. God takes the barren and makes her bountiful to show Mary anything is possible with God.  Mary responds to the Angel, “let it be with me according to your word.”  This statement is an act of trust, Mary understands what the Angel has said and what God is about to do. Keeping it real, Mary consenting could make things difficult for her, yet she is willing. She exhibits a trust in God's plan and God's purpose for her life.

Someone is asking, what does this Christmas story have to do with the Lenten season? Why are we talking about the foretelling of Jesus’ birth so close to the story of his death and the resurrection?  I'm glad you asked. Mary had to trust God enough to walk into a dangerous situation. She had to trust God enough to accept the responsibility of raising the Messiah. Mary had to trust God enough to see the possibility in an impossible situation. In the words of Roberta Bundy, New Testament scholar, she had to believe that God was a God of impossible possibilities.

This text is applicable to us on our Lenten journey because resurrection from the cross is an impossible possibility.  Jesus had to trust God enough to believe that the cross wasn't subtraction but addition. He had to know that all things are possible when we place it in God's hands. As followers of Christ, we must hold fast to the notion that our God is limitless, and nothing is too big for God. We have to understand that God's power is unimaginable which means we can't wrap our minds around what God is able to do. We must be able to trust God in all situations because God can make all things possible. On our journey we must be able to think beyond our limits so we can move into the possibilities God has for us.

Prayer: Most gracious and merciful God, thank you for showing us how limitless you are. Thank you for making something out of nothing in our lives. Thank you for blowing our minds again and again. Now God we ask that you help us remind others that you are a God of all things are possible. Help us to show others our trust in thee. Amen and Ase!
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Ann - April 3rd, 2023 at 1:14am

I would think for many of us, trusting that God is capable is not the problem. It’s whether God is willing to, is. I trusted God with everything, and it’s been hell on earth for 30 years. He couldn’t have failed me more, and I truly regret that I chose to trust Him. God was capable of getting me through, He just was not willing for any good to come in my life.