Trusting While Waiting

Trusting While Waiting
Luke 24:39
Deacon George Miller

In my previous devotional, I noted how the bible uses words interchangeably, sound differently but convey the same meaning, (i.e. Hearing versus Listening). In this devotional theme, I note how “Trust” and “Faith” are interchanged.

In the text for today, I suggest adding a third term, “Patience”. If you are like me, we can look back over our lives and identify several occasions where we placed our faith and trust in individuals, only to have the faith and trust questioned, breached or destroyed. Whether the circumstance involved a failed marriage, a broken relationship, the loss of a job you trusted would take care of you only to find that pink slip waiting for you on Friday morning, the child you have faith and trust in, only to find they violated the faith and trust and even those whom you thought were friends and turned out to be foes.

During the recovery process from the pain and disappointment, (which was the same state the disciples were in following the crucifixion and prior to their first encounter with Jesus following his resurrection) how often has the friend, parent or concerned body advised you to be “Patient” and “Trust” the recovery process?

The text for today is the culmination of a chain of events we affectionately refer to as the Death, Burial, Resurrection, and the 40-50 days following. This scene in the scripture represents yet another example where the disciples, (during their travels with Jesus) often heard (hear) what Jesus would tell them but they weren’t listening, (because Jesus was always the one doing the heavy lifting). However, as the ensuing events unfold, they begin to remember his teachings.

The “Promise” mentioned in the text is the Holy Spirit (the Comforter), until Jesus second return. The first reference of Trusting while Waiting occurs when Jesus told the disciples to “stay in the city until you have been clothed with power”, (the holy spirit). John 20:21-22: “As the father has sent me, I am sending you. And with that he breathed on them and said, Receive the Holy Spirit.
As we trust and wait in the valley of Jesus first and second return, we have the same charge, given to the disciples as outlined in Matthew 28:20. To spread the good news, to tell a dying world about Jesus the Christ, to repent from their sinful ways and accept the Lord as their savior.

Dear Lord, thank you for your resurrection and for the comforter that you have provided to us. Continue to give us the strength and courage to spread your gospel to everyone as we wait for your return. Continue to teach us to trust and obey your guidance and direction regardless of how difficult the task becomes. Thank you for the opportunity to serve others that will be able to see you through us, in Jesus’ name.  Amen, Amen, and Amen!
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