Rebuilding for God

Rebuilding for God
Nehemiah 2: 1-7
Deacon Pacia Love

This week’s Lenten Devotional prayer focus: Acting for God. Lord, help me to be courageous enough to act for thee in all situations and circumstances.  God help us to do our part for your kingdom.

One of the most powerful messages of Nehemiah is how much you can accomplish when you align yourself with the will and plan of God.  We must pray, wait, and believe the Lord to help us in all situations.  For some of us the need before us may be a new job, a spouse, or help us to start a new business.
In the scriptures, as soon as Nehemiah heard what condition God’s people and the temple was in, he sat down, wept, mourned, and prayed.  See, Nehemiah knew there was much for him to pray about, and in order to be successful he needed the Lord’s help. Also, he knew for him to go to Jerusalem he had to have the king’s blessings. Four months gave Nehemiah time to pray, meditate and talk to God. Also, to listen to him in working out a spirit led plan for what to do.

At times, we find ourselves with our backs against the wall. All we can do is just pray. God will open doors for us! He knows our hearts desires. He knows our pains and struggles; we must believe and have faith. You will be successful in the new business you want to start; all we need to do is continue to pray.

We may not be in the circumstances that Nehemiah found himself in, unable to do anything beyond pray. But sometimes that’s exactly where we find ourselves. Praying just like Nehemiah, we must look to and lean upon God’s ability to change our circumstance, and bring certain life events that will puzzle our imagination.

Prayer: Dear gracious and merciful God help us to do our part by continuing to pray and believe that you will supply all our needs according to your riches in glory.  In Jesus name Amen.
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