Still Standing

Still Standing
Sis. Carolyn J. Satcher
John 19: 1-7
Donnie McClurkin sings the song “we fall down but we get up, but a saint is just a sinner who fell down.” Jesus was a Saint and definitely not a Sinner. Even though Jesus had to fall down for us, he got up and ascended into heaven so that we might live. Jesus was willing to die for the sins of mankind.

In the above passage think of how it feels to be scourged. How long do you think you could possibly stand in this situation that Jesus was in? African-Americans during enslavement were often scourged for no reason at all, just because they wanted their freedom. Some of us had all kinds of marks on our body like Jesus had and some of us died because of this. But just to be clear, we did not die so that souls might be saved as Jesus did.

The above scriptures further go on to talk about Jesus having a crown of thorns stuck in his head. Just having a thorn from a rose bush stuck in your hand is painful. When that happens, you are in a hurry to get that thorn removed because it hurts! Our thorns are usually removed quickly but that did not happen with Jesus. He had to bear the thorns until he gave up the ghost.

The scriptures states that the people put a robe on Jesus which was supposed to represent kingship because Jesus had said he was King of the Jews. This was used as a means for mocking Jesus because they did not believe him to be the King of the Jews or God’s son. Jesus being slapped in the face was a demeaning thing also. No one wants to be slapped in the face or slapped anywhere on their body.

Jesus is also brought before Pilate, the governor, who was like a judge. After hearing all the testimony from the crowd, Pilate needed to find a reason to crucify Jesus but at that moment he said he found no fault in him. Pilate had to do what the people wanted when they were crying out crucify him, crucify him. Pilate turned Jesus over to the people to be crucified. Jesus our Lord already knew this was going to happen but he had to be about his father’s business like he told his mother Mary when he was a young child. Aren’t you glad he went about his father’s business. If he had not, where would we as saints of God be now.

Prayer: Father God in the name of your son Jesus, we thank you for his sacrifice in dying for us so that our souls might be saved. Thank you for saying that you wish that none should perish but that we all should have everlasting life. AMEN.
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