The Power of Working Together In the Church

The Power of Working Together In the Church
Pastor Aaron Robinson
All who believed were together and had all things in common (Acts 2:44).

When we think of the church, we think of coming together on Sunday morning for praise and worship but seldom do we think about the power of working together all week long. In our culture, church has become a Sunday morning activity, Christianity has become something you do one day a week.  We have missed the mark and lost our way when it comes to being a powerful church.  When I say powerful, I don't mean we reign over others, but we have tremendous impact in the lives of those around us.

At the very beginnings of what we know as Christianity, the new followers were intentional about working together. The book of Acts informs us that the disciples stayed together, and the new believers spent time and efforts together having all things in common. It doesn't mean that they agreed on everything, it means they focused on the bigger picture, humbled themselves to the will of the God-lead group and most importantly let the Holy Spirit lead the way.

One of the most important things we can do in the church is focus on the mission of the Kingdom of God. Our primary goal is to grow the Kingdom of God and impact the people by changing mindsets and mentalities. For us to work together we must put our desires aside and see the bigger picture. Our first question should always be what is God's saying in this moment? We should then ask these questions; how will this positively impact the people; how will this grow the church and how will this sustain the church in the years to come?  These questions help us focus on the big picture and not our own selfish desires.

In the book of Acts the new believers had to humble themselves to the will of a God lead group.  They had to trust the disciples.  If we fail to humble ourselves it will always be about us and what we want not what God desires. Oftentimes we move in a space of Comfortability, if we're not comfortable in it then we don't want it. That is a good mindset to have when you are buying a bed, purchasing a sofa or even investing in a home but when it comes to walking with the Savior and following God, we will be moved out of our comfort zone.  

Christianity is religion that grew out of the uncomfortable situations. There was nothing comfortable about the cross, nor the formation of the early church. To move in uncomfortable situations requires a degree of humility. When we humble ourselves to God’s will, we are asking God to lead the way.

In the church we should always seek to be led by the Holy Spirit. From the pews to the pulpit should be led by the Holy Spirit. We are connected by the Holy Spirit and if we are connected, we are guided by God. In the book of Acts the new believers allow the Holy Spirit to lead, while they followed.  Allowing the Holy Spirit to lead is the glue that kept them together. The Holy Spirit seeks to bring us together not tear us apart.  The Holy Spirit desires to draw us closer, alleviating the distance between us. When we allow the Holy Spirit to lead, we are always being led to something greater.

The early church is one of the best examples of the power of people working together. Their efforts grew roots that developed into trees that have been feeding a hungry world for two millennia. If you read through the book of Acts you will see instances where churches weren't working together, Paul and other leaders wrote to these churches about the need to come together.

We are stronger together then we are apart.

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